Summerville Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs SummervilleThere aren’t many worse feelings than coming home in the dead of summer, after battling 90 degree weather, anxiously anticipating the relieving shock of cool air from you’re A/C, only to discover your house is as hot as the outside. When the air conditioner breaks down, it is inconvenient at best, and everyone in the household will be restless, sweaty and uncomfortable. That is when you need fast air conditioning repairs. Don’t worry, Stay Cool Heating and Air, your Summerville Air Conditioning Company is here to help.

We’ve proudly kept countless households cool since 2007. Our Summerville Air Conditioning Repairs are factory trained and capable of repairing any brand air conditioner you have. We know A/C’s inside and out, so we work quickly and accurately. Stay Cool Heating and Air always extends prompt and courteous service and our mission is to return you to the comfort of cool air as soon as possible. That is why we are the top choice in Summerville for air conditioning repair services.

Get Cool Fast with A/C Repairs Done Right

When you call on Stay Cool Heating and Air to repair your air conditioner, we’ll arrive at your home quickly. As a standard practice, we always travel with a fully stocked work van, full of all the necessary parts and tools we may need. That way, we can get to work immediately, and for many common issues we can complete the repair on the first trip.

There are several common component failures that are easily fixed by a trained professional. Whether it is a loose terminal or faulty connection in your thermostat, refrigerant levels have run low, you have a faulty fan motor or your condenser coil is frozen; Stay Cool Heating and Air can troubleshoot your unit, find the problem and solve it quickly. We’ll have your air conditioner up and running again in no time.

Many unscrupulous contractors would take this opportunity to sell you a new air conditioner for a higher profit. Not at Stay Cool Heating and Air; our Summerville HVAC contractors have built a reputation on integrity. If you have serviceable years left in your A/C, we can fix it. We put our relationships and our community before profits, so you’ll always get an accurate assessment of the condition of your equipment.

If you’re A/C stops producing cool air, don’t suffer through the heat. Stay Cool Heating and Air boasts the fastest response times in Summerville. We get the job done quickly and we do it right, that way you can get back to life as usual.


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