Signs That Your HVAC System Needs a Tune-Up

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The heating or air conditioning system in your Summerville home is a considerable investment. Since it is the key in providing comfort and security for your family during the warm summers or cold winters, it is important to keep it operating at optimal performance throughout the year. Although some signs of AC maintenance are obvious, while others are not. Here are some ways you can tell if your system needs a tune up.

Air Is Lukewarm or Cool

There could be any number of while your air conditioner is not producing cold air. The first place to check is your air filters. If you have not changed the air filters in a long time, then it’s there’s a good possibility your system is frozen up, and air cannot circulate properly. Turn your system off and allow it to complete thaw and dry out. Change the filter, and then turn the system back on. Another possible reason for lack of cold air is that your coolant is low. Coolant can only be refilled by a certified professional in order to insure it’s done safely and correctly.

Low Air Circulation

If the air is not flowing smoothly through your air ducts, check the unit to see if there is ice, in which case, thaw it out, change your air filters, and then turn it back on. Low air circulation could also mean that your air ducts are dirty or that they are blocked either internally or possibly an item lying on top of them. Check the air ducts in your attic to make sure they are completely open. If there is blockage somewhere in the unit, then it’s time to call a Stay Cool Heating and Air expert to get the problem fixed immediately.

Your Unit is Making Loud Noises

A noisy AC Unit can indicate several things. For example, if your system hasn’t been given a tune-up lately, then it’s possible that the fluids are running low and causing friction with several of your components. You system’s fan could be off balance. There could also be weak fan belts or other damaged components causing the air conditioner to be loud when it is turned on.

Keep Your System Running Efficiently

The difference between a weak AC system and an air conditioner that is running in top condition is in the amount of money you’ll wind up investing in order to keep it operating. An air conditioner that is running at peak performance will save you hundreds of dollars in major repairs. Routine maintenance and small part replacement from time to time will cost you far less than major repairs or total system replacement which can cost you thousands of dollars. You will also observe a difference in your energy bill every month. If your system is performing smoothly every month, then your bill will be drastically reduced. You’ll experience numerous benefits.

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