3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old Furnace

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3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old Furnace

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When fall finally comes around, you’re going to want to be sure that your home’s furnace is in the kind of
condition you can count on to keep your home at the level of comfort you and your family desire during
the cold winter months, and unfortunately for many homeowners out there, that isn’t always going to be
the case. Like any other mechanical device, the lifespan of your furnace is finite, and now, before
we move into the winter months, is the best time to have your old system replaced with
something newer.

With that being said, many homeowners aren’t entirely sure what they need to be on the lookout for that
might indicate when it’s time for a furnace replacement, and to help you do so, our team of skilled
Summerville air conditioning pros at Stay Cool Heating and Air have taken the time to put together this
short list that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Your Furnace Is Older Than 15 Years

If your furnace has had its 15-year mark come and go, and you’re beginning to see maintenance issues
spring up more often than they used to, it’s likely time to go ahead and have your old furnace replaced.
Your furnace might still be working, but after the fifteen-year mark, it won’t be working at maximum
efficiency any longer, and your monthly utility bills are likely going to be a reflection of this fact.

Furnaces are much like cars in this aspect, as the older they are, the more maintenance they are going
to require to operate, and generally, they are going to experience most of their breakdowns within the
last 2 years of their lives.

Your Energy Bills & Repair Costs Are Steadily Increasing

As a general rule of thumb, the older your furnace gets, the harder it’s going to have to work to provide
you and your family with the level of comfort you’ve come to expect. Not only does this mean higher
energy bills on average, but due to the older age of your system, any repair costs that you incur are likely
going to start getting more and more expensive as well, as replacement parts become more and more
difficult to find. If you notice that your monthly energy costs seem to be getting a bit out of control, or your
latest repair bill nearly gave you a heart attack when you opened it, it might be time to consider investing
in a replacement.

Uneven Temperatures Throughout Your House

When your furnace isn’t operating as it should be, the chances are that you’ll be able to feel it as
temperature differences between the rooms of your home. An old and inefficiently operating furnace can
result in some rooms of the house being colder or warmer than others, which usually goes hand in hand
with an older duct system not properly distributing heat to where it needs to go in your home.

If you’re looking for a professional furnace replacement in the Summerville area, please call Stay
Cool Heating and Air at 843-819-5392 or fill out our online request form.

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