Heating & Cooling Bills Soaring? Here Are a Few Possible Reasons Why

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Are your heating and cooling bills soaring? If they are, there could be a number of reasons for that headache. To get an idea what those reasons could be, check out our quick guide that goes into some of the biggest and most common causes of high heating and cooling costs:

Insulation Is Deteriorating

Without well-maintained insulation, your heating and A/C will have to work extra hard for middling results. This will leave you with an uncomfortable home and uncomfortably high utility bills.

Whether the insulation in your walls, doors, or windows is in shoddy condition, you’ll want to get that problem addressed ASAP. Otherwise, you’ll just be throwing your money away on inefficient HVAC.

Temps Are Set Too High or Too Low

When the temperatures crest the upper or lower extremes, you might be tempted to crank the thermostat into the opposite extremes to combat it. But resist that temptation. Cranking your thermostat more than is required to keep your home comfortable only jacks up your utility bills.

Instead, simply learn patience. If you need your home to be comfortable, set it to a moderate but comfortable temperature. You’ll continue to keep the extreme temperatures out of your home while also keeping your HVAC costs moderate.

HVAC Needs a Repair

Your HVAC setup is not immune to wear and damages. While that wear and those damages may not immediately cause your HVAC to cease working, they can lead to inefficiency. And this inefficiency can lead to — you guessed it — higher utility bills.

If your insulation is fine and you keep your thermostat set to a moderate temperature yet your utility bills are still skyrocketing, call an HVAC specialist to check for damages. A simple heating or ac repair can make the difference between a high and a manageable utility bill. 

Tune-Ups Have Been Neglected

While you’re calling in your HVAC specialist, you might also go ahead and request a tune-up. After all, like your car, your HVAC setup should get routine maintenance to help it run its best and most efficient.

And don’t fret over the cost of a heating and air conditioning tune-up. They are very affordable, especially when you consider the money you’ll save on high utility bills and repairs thanks to them. Don’t let your HVAC go to pot and cost you a fortune. Instead, get routine tune-ups.

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