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Heat Pump Repairs SummervilleHeat pumps are growing in popularity for Summerville homes because of their energy efficiency. Heat takes far more energy to generate than it does to displace, which is what a heat pump does. One of the most attractive features of the heat pump is its ability to facilitate both heating and cooling. While heat pumps may have a number of advantages to boast, they are not immune from component failure. After several harsh Summerville winters, it is inevitable that you’ll experience a malfunction at some point. When this happens, Stay Cool Heating and Air is the only qualified and trusted Summerville heating and A/C repair contractor in the area that can fix your heat pump quickly and accurately.

We have worked hard to keep homeowners warm with smooth running heat pumps since 2007. As your Summerville Heat Pump Repairs experts, we have a skilled team of trained professionals that possess the experience and tools necessary to fix any problem your heat pump might have. We extend prompt and courteous service and we get the job done right the first time. Just because your heat pump is in disrepair doesn’t mean you have to replace it. We can help you get the most out of your heat pump, which is why we are the best Summerville Air Conditioning Company.

We Solve Common Heat Pump Problems & More

At Stay Cool Heating and Air, we’ve been in the heating system game for a while and we are intimately familiar with how a heat pump works. While your heat pump is a solid piece of technology, built to provide your home with comfort for years, not every component will last that long. There are many common issues that heat pump owners will run into overtime and heavy use. Some issues are electrical in nature, and those can be really hard for the homeowner to detect. A tripped wire, loose terminal, or thermostat issue are all simple fixes, but it takes a trained professional with the right troubleshooting equipment to repair it.

Other common component failures are with a compressor motor, fan/pump relay, defrost switch, or transformer. Simple problems that occur commonly are a dirty coil or filter and fan belt slippage. All of these faults can be easily repaired by our team of heat pump specialists.

When you call Stay Cool Heating and Air for heat pump repair, we will arrive at your home promptly. We always travel with a fully stocked work van, filled with the tools and parts necessary to get to work right away. For many common issues, we can even complete the repair on the first trip, returning you to comfortable warmth as quickly as possible. So if your heat pump is no longer providing your home with warmth, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Stay Cool Heating and Air.


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